10 Hairstylists to the Stars You Should Know

takisha stewartWhen celebs walk the red carpet, land an editorial, or accept an award, we’re critiquing everything from their hair to their shoes. While we praise them with heart emojis for the looks we love, we often forget they didn’t achieve that look alone but with a team.

Unlike what Beyonce’s song suggest, even her hair doesn’t wake up like that, but it’s created and tamed by whatever hair stylist she trust for that particular day. Instead of swooning over the stars perfect ‘do, we’re swooning over the hands behind the hair.

Flip the page to learn the 10 hair stylist to the stars that you should know.

Takisha Sturdivant-Drew

Past Clients: Kerry Washington, Lucy Lui, Amber Riley, Sanaa Lathan, Naomi Harris (to name a few)

All Photo Credit: Twitter

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