Scandal: People Magazine Deletes Tweet About Natural Hair

people-scandal-natural-hair-hypehairDuring Scandal‘s premiere episode this past Thursday, the opening scene shows Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) on an island sporting a textured style. But the minute she jets back to Washington, D.C., she converts her natural mane to a sleek, straight hairdo. And everyone in the Twittersphere noticed the mane switch-up–even People magazine.

“Olivia’s back to straight hair so you KNOW she means business,” the publication tweeted, insinuating that natural hair can’t mean business, too. After a flurry of backlash from users, they deleted it.

So, what’s worst: the fact that Liv, although a fictional fixer for political screw-ups, couldn’t rock her textured tresses in the shade of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or that a mainstream publication doesn’t have the decency not to tweet about the professional struggle of natural hair? Because, trust, there’s a larger argument here altogether about rocking natural manes in corporate settings.

Talk about it, beauties. Share your thoughts!

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