Get The Look: Swinging ’60s Bob

60s-bob-get-the-look-hypehairIf you’re going for the big chop, like Leona Lewis, seek the professional expertise of a reputable hairstylist to help you achieve the right cut and color shade that suits you and the shape of your face.

After the hair is cut and colored, create an off-center part. Begin curling small sections of the hair with a ½ inch curling iron and spray each curl with holding spray as you go along. Comb the hair through with a wide tooth comb and mist hair spray all over the hair. Use the hands to push the hair up. Use a wire lift comb to create more volume throughout. You can spray the root area with the hairspray as you pick the hair up with the lift comb. Gently smooth the hair over to complete your swinging ’60s bob!

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