Why You Should Love Design Essentials Natural

design-essentials-natural-hypehair I recently came across the Design Essentials Natural webpage and was pleasantly surprised by how detailed and helpful the site is. I was only trying to figure out where in my city I could purchase DE products, but I left the site with much more than I bargained for. I was first directed to the natural portion of their site where I found a “Find Your Curl” link. I read and clicked the one that best described my head of hair – Coiled and Springy. Next, I was taken to a page that listed time saving products and tips for my specific needs. Characteristics, Concerns, Solutions, Styling aids and Tips are listed for each hair type.

For example, for my hair type, the listed concerns were fragile hair, overly dry hair, the tendency for hair to tangle and knot with length, lack of curl definition and shrinkage. For the most part, I found this to be pretty fitting. So, what could I do about it?

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