Flash Tattoo: The Perfect Mix of Fashion and Ink

Hype Hair Flash Tattoos3Tattoos come in many forms: henna, glow in the dark, water color and even 3D. But now the latest ink trend is flash tattoos, a temporary tattoo that’s designed to look like jewelry and beach bling.

If you’re apart of the Beyhive, you’ve seen Beyonce pose for Instagram dripping in gold, jewelry-like tattoos on her body. To the naked eye it looks exclusive to only Bey, but in fact it’s a trend that even Mrs. Carter is a little late to the party with.

Created by Miranda Burnet, flash tattoos were inspired by her trip to Dubai. Therem the people sport 24-karat temporary tattoos (must be nice) so she took the idea and made it budget-friendly for folks not named Beyonce.

It’s waterproof but has a life-span of four to six days. You can choose black, gold or silver and it’ll cost between $20-$30 for four sheets per pack. Although summer’s ending and festival season has concluded, if you’re trying to stand out, then bling out your body with flash tats sold here: flashtat.com, Planet Blue and Nicole Miller.

Flip the page to see how you can rock it.

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