Tracee Ellis Ross Lets Her Natural Hair Shine On New ABC Series ‘black-ish’

Tracee Ellis Ross NYFWEvery time Tracee Ellis Ross graces our television screens, she brings just the right amount of energy and style.

From her undeniable style to her spot-on wit, we’ve wanted to see Tracee in our living rooms every week since Girlfriends went off the air.

And now we will.

She along with Hollywood heavyweights, Anthony Anderson and Lawrence Fishbourne, star in a new ABC comedy series black-ish that focuses on a modern Black family that “is dealing with their ish,” Tracee said during a recent private screening. “Just watch the show and tell everyone else to watch it.”

Tracee, who plays Anderson’s wife Rainbow Johnson, is passionate about the forthcoming project but is even more excited about the image it will leave in homes across the country.

“I realized that wow, black woman on TV playing a wife and I have my milkmaid braid. I’ve not seen that on network television. Most black women on TV, their hair is pressed within an inch of its life or they’re wearing a weave.”

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