Style of the Day: Flips & Curls

short-style-of-the-day-hypehairFor those with shorter hair, this flipped, curly ’do is perfect! It’s a right-on-trend style that works best with little to no heavy product, as you don’t want your curls to be weighed down. The foundation of the look is the asymmetrical cut. Once that is done, you are presented with many style options.

After shampooing and conditioning, we suggest allowing the hair to air dry. Next, you want to apply a very small dab of light botanical oil throughout the hair. This will not only fortify the hair strands, but it will also give your hair a pretty boost of sheen.

Next, silken and smooth out the texture of the hair with your flat iron. Tourmaline and ceramic styling tools work best. We also suggest a small flat iron to create flipped curls throughout. The smaller the flat iron, the more defined your short and chic look will appear. Top it off with a light spritz of holding spray to work the look!

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