Hair Story: Please Help My Brittle and Breaking Hair!

sharifa-daniels-brittle-hair-hypehairMost people take a glance at my hair and assume I had all the key natural hair tips, tricks, and how-tos growing up. I’ve had locs since I was 4 years old, so I’m not new to the movement, I’m true to it.

However, I’m kind of detached from my hair because of that. Like most, my mother was my personal hairstylist as I grew up. And when I got older, I traded in my mom’s skills for a local hairdresser. Years later, I went to college where my unofficial roommate of four years had a passion for hair so she then became my go-to girl to maintain my locs. I wasn’t forced to formally introduce myself to my own tresses until the my post-grad years, and by then it was too late. I already had this idea that my coif will be perfect at all times with little manipulation from my own hands.

I was 23 years old and I was constantly battling with my dry hair. It was literally fighting me for TLC but I didn’t necessarily know how to give it. So what do I do? I did some half-assed research and bought some products that smell good (mostly just the overly praised coconut oil).

But another year goes by and my hair isn’t any better; it’s bitter. It has gone from dry to drier. It no longer grows and. It’s. Slowly. Falling. Out. I went from being the girl with the asymmetrical blonde bob that would grow back in no time to feeling like my hair’s stuck like Groundhog’s Day.

I’m in complete panic mode…

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