Top Tips For Maintaining Your Natural Style

natural-style-hypehairYour crowning glory can always take your personal style to the next level. This season calls for braids with a creative twist. A pristine braided coif that leaves a lasting impression is on the style agenda for many natural sisters this spring. Not only do braids and cornrows come in many beautiful variations, they are also convenient and easy to maintain. With just a few of our helpful tips, you can maintain your natural braided style with ease!

As with any natural hairstyle, always start off with a good foundation before having your braids installed. Begin your hairstyling process with a thorough shampoo. This basic, yet essential, haircare step is the cornerstone for natural hair. A clean scalp and deep conditioned hair is extremely important for the condition of your natural hair.

Hair that is healthy, glowing and soft to touch is the hair goal of every naturally-tressed woman. One of the means to helping you achieve healthy, beautiful hair is to deep condition. Conditioner is the life force behind natural hair, making it easy to manage and comb through. Apply a generous amount of crème-based conditioner to the hair after each shampoo to impart strength and combat breakage and dry ends.

When having your hair braided, avoid intense stress on your scalp. Tell your beautician immediately if your braids or cornrows are too tight. Braids that are too tight can cause major hair breakage and damage.

Once your braids are installed, using products formulated with essential oils will keep your natural style gleaming! Fill up a spray bottle with water and a botanical oil to spritz over your braids. This will keep your braided style looking moisturized and healthy.

For daily braid maintenance, soothe and cool the scalp with an astringent. Apply a generous amount to a damp cloth or cotton ball and work it between braids or cornrows to help remove product buildup and cleanse and refresh the scalp.

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