Black Hair in Ferguson: Powerful Photos From The #JusticeForMikeBrown Protests

hair-ferguson-mike-brown-hypehair11The shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, Jr. by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri (Aug. 9) has sparked nationwide outrage in black communities. As tensions mount, sparking peaceful protests not only in the Missouri suburb but in other urban cities of the U.S., the media is capturing powerful scenes of what’s happening around the world.

According to several news outlets, mainly social networks like Twitter and Facebook, signs are being raised (along with hands to reflect Mike Brown’s final surrendering moments), communities are marching the streets, and black hair, believe it or not, is being shown off in a way that’s compelling in regards to the story this whole ordeal is telling about being black in America.

Flip through the next few pages to see some of the most powerful hair statements being made during the #JusticeForMikeBrown protests.

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