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Wooden Vs. Plastic Wide Tooth Combs?

wooden-plastic-combs-hypehairI’ve been wearing my hair naturally for well over 4 years and one of the key things I learnt early on in my journey was the benefits of using a Wide Tooth comb to detangle my hair.

A wide tooth comb is great for gently detangling Afro textured hair when it’s damp, particularly damp hair that has conditioner on it. The wide spaces between the teeth allow hair to be pulled through without causing lots of breakage.

I have very tightly coiled hair which is inherently prone to breakage and I noticed that although I used my trusted plastic wide tooth comb, my bath tub continued to forever be filled with broken hair at the end of each wash session, no matter how gentle I had been with the comb. Enough was enough, so I decided to do a bit of research into the comb that I was using and I discovered that my comb was not seamless. What does this mean? I hear you ask?

Well, plastic combs are often machine made, rather than being hand made and often machine made combs have tiny rough spot in the areas where the plastic has been cut out, these rough areas can catch on delicate Afro hair and tear it out. Seamless combs don’t have these rough raised edges and are designed to reduce breakage.

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