Hollywood Style: Gabrielle Union

gabrielle unionFrom the sunny disposition to the beaming, megawatt smile, actress Gabrielle Union has been charming audiences worldwide ever since her breakout role in the film Bring It On. The fresh-faced beauty’s witty sense of humor and natural elegance render her simply unforgettable.

A former athlete, the Omaha, Nebraska-born star got her big break with early appearances in 90’s sitcoms like Saved By The Bell and Moesha. She has been on a steady career incline ever since, with versatile film roles that run the genre gamut. Performances in movies such as Cadillac Records, Good Deeds and Think Like A Man have catapulted her into the top echelon of A-list Hollywood actresses.

Gabrielle recently returned to television in the BET series, Being Mary Jane. In it, she plays Mary Jane Paul, a talk show host who juggles the demands of a successful career with a bustling social calendar and the challenges of family life. The series’ premiere garnered tons of positive feedback from peers and fans alike, as “the complex balance of success, family, love and companionship is something that all of us can relate to,” shares series’ creator, Mary Brock Akil.

On a beauty note, we adore Gabrielle’s refreshing, girl next-door appeal. She radiates natural beauty, and her fashion choices often exemplify a classic, All-American aesthetic that women from all walks of life can draw inspiration from. Whether she is lounging on the beach, strolling through China with her beloved, or lighting up the red carpet and hosting awards shows, she has an easy going, relatable quality that never fails to leave a lasting impression.

These qualities also carry over into the choices she makes for her hair care regimen. On her twitter account, Gabrielle revealed that she hasn’t relaxed her hair in over ten years, opting instead for natural tresses that she keeps protected with sew-in weaves. “Natural hair is great and weaves can give you plenty of easy options,” she shared with her followers, and adds, “I wear weaves for my job to protect my own hair from heat and product buildup. I don’t leave weaves in longer than six weeks and I use quality hair.”
According to Gabrielle, healthy hair should always be the focus and foundation of all styles, and so she swears by It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner to keep her tresses in great shape.