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Is Your Natural Hair Regular?

regular natural hair I promise this isn’t a trick question, but after engaging in one of the most baffling conversations I’ve ever been a part of regarding natural hair and one’s texture, this rhetorical question is one that I simply had to pose today.

It was a dreary Friday at work and there was a moment of down time in which I ended up in natural hair talk with some colleagues. We were discussing my recent crochet install along with another natural’s current regimen with her short hair and the endless styling possibilities she has at this length. Included in this conversation was a male, whom I recently discovered is a barber–this explained his flair for funky hair and his periodic color change as well. While describing a simple process he could do with his naturally curly hair (which was styled in a mohawk), he proceeded to say “See, all I have to do is this (as he ran his fingers through his curls) because my hair is regular”. STOP. WAIT. PAUSE. SAY WHAT?! That moment for me was like the scratching of record where the room, for a moment, erupts with silence. In this very moment, as I recall the situation, my curl is getting tighter, but I’ll calm down so I can continue my recap…

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