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Shade: 3 Ways To Lighten Your Hair Naturally

lighten hair naturally

I know, I know, lightening your hair is something we all second guess. The first and last thing that comes to mind is DAMAGE. We become a nutritionist and flip to the ingredients to hope and pray BLEACH isn’t included. No worries, take your hands away from your eyes, I am here to give you the nooks and crannies of this natural hair lightening game. Start by letting your hair down. Secondly, think about what you have put your hair through lately. And, lastly, think about look you’re going for and put your wallet away- these tips and tricks are inexpensive ways to become a natural beauty.

Pick your pleasure:

  • Cinnamon + Honey
  • Rosemary, Sage, Chamomile Teas
  • Honey + Vinegar

When applying any of these treatments, be sure to section your hair, and apply to the desired areas evenly throughout. Also using natural ingredients, the number one thing on the list is patience. Results may take a little longer when you aren’t using BLEACH. Patience gives you perfection.

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