Hype Chat: Malinda Williams Gives Advice On Maintaining Your Signature Cut

Malinda WilliamsIt’s hard to forget Malinda Williams and her signature pixie cut. She’s been in several of our favorite films, from Soul Food to The Wood, but the stunning actress knows a thing or two about maintaining her short hair at home.

Her popular YouTube series “Mane Taming With Malinda Williams” features Malinda showing viewers how to style their short hair using several tools, products and hair accessories. Her hair maintenance skills come naturally considering that her own mother was the go-to hairstylist in her New Jersey neighborhood. Using the skills and confidence she learned from her mother, the host of Aspire TV’s Exhale seeks to inspire other women and be a living example.”That’s literally something everyday that I work on in my personal life and in my work,” she says.

Malinda shared tips she learned from her mother, her favorite hair products for the summer and the one hairstyle she rocked in high school that had EVERYONE talking–and it’s hilarious!

— Jade Earl

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