The Best Big Hair on Non-Hair Magazine Covers


The unveiling of a magazine cover is similar to an awards ceremony. They leave you with suspense on who it might be and whether you love or loathe the cover star you’re always surprised in the end. However as much as its all about who’s snagged that coveted spot its equally about how they look on it.

Its a huge responsibility to look amazing because the duplication of that cover will travel to thousands of newsstands and live forever out there. That means your face, fashion, and hair have to be on a hundred. You tresses have to be perfectly in tack and what ever style you choose has to be fitting. And we say the bigger the hair the better and bolder the cover. And once you’ve nailed it, you’ll hear the praises through your social mediums and self.

Take a look at the non-hair magazine cover stars who’ve nailed their big cover hair.

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