Meet The Blogger: Naptural Nicole

Naptural Nicole

Bright and bubbly? Check. Adorable nickname for her hair? Check. Tips and tricks for her natural-haired readers to feast on? Check. Check.

Naptural Nicole, self-proclaimed natural hair aficionado from Baltimore, started blogging in November 2011 after her big chop and has tap-danced onto our radar with her lifestyle coverage, down-to-earth product reviews, hair show recaps and pics with her Hubbin!

“I’m a real, everyday, not-so-fancy girl,” she says, “and I share my crazy ideas, happy moments, and letdowns with my readers, just like they do with me.”

Two and a half years post-big chop, we caught up with Naptural Nicole, who is apart of the inaugural batch of hair bloggers in our Hype Hair Blogger Network, to talk about about Zola the Fro’la, her favorite hair products and her advice for women who aren’t natural. –Niki McGloster (@missjournalism)

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A New York-based editor who's currently transitioning her hair to natural. Protective styles have now replaced all of her best friends...