A Chat With Relationship Expert, Chey B.

Chey B | Food, Sex & Peace of MindCheyenne Bostock answers our questions…

Finding time for a love life may seem impossible with school, work, kids and life, but doing so can change the game forever if your’e able to balance it all out. A coach can help you form your team, create a winning playbook and get you back in the game of love!

Cheyenne Bostock is a highly sought after life and relationship expert and entrepreneur who has greatly benefited from professional coaching. He uses information gathered from previous coaching lessons, personal experiences, family members, friends, books and focus groups to enlighten and empower his clients. He is the best selling author of Food,Sex, And Peace Of Mind: What A Woman Needs To Know To Keep A Man, and he encourages growth and prosperity in relationships in a healthy, safe, fun and dignified way through 1-on-1 coaching, seminars, workshops, and social mixers.

We had the opportunity to ask Cheyenne his thoughts on some of your most asked relationship questions and here is what he had to share. Keep up with Cheyenne on twitter at @AskCheyB and at his official website at askcheyb.com!

Hype Hair: What are the key factors that determine a healthy relationship?
Chey B: Respect, Love, Honesty, Trust, Loyalty,Support and Communication.

HH: When does one know if a relationship is worth investing in?
Chey B: Relationships aren’t for everybody;relationships are only for the ready. The first step to having a happy,healthy, long-lasting relationship with someone else is to first establish a relationship with yourself.

HH: Is monogamy and marriage outdated for this new generation?
Chey B: I would consider marriage to be an upgrade toa relationship. Its the hardest to maintain, which is why many are afraid to pursue it. Being in a happy, healthy, long-lasting marriage is challenging, but not difficult. You simply have to want it badly enough to not allow anything to get in your way.

HH: How do you know when itsreally real true love?
Chey B: In order to find love in someone else, youhave to first know what it looks and feels like. You do this by searchingwithin yourself. Once you find it, embrace it and share it, you will attractpeople who are ready, able and willing to do the same. I call this the#MirrorEffect

HH: What are the signs that a man is as into you as you are into him?
Chey B: Men value their time and their money. You’ll know whether or not he’s genuinely interested based on how he invests both in you.

HH: When do you know when you should leave a relationship?
Chey B: Sometimes you have to let old relationships go in order for a new relationship to grow. When love is no longer present [in the relationship], you shouldn’t be either.

HH: Do you have any tips on how to communicate on the same level as your partner?
Chey B: Men and women communicate differently. Never listen to a mans words. Always follow his actions. Through words, a man will tell you whatever it is you want to hear. Through observation, you will be able to gather more truth about his character than he will openly admit through words.