Different Ways to Wear Your Headwrap

By Choya Randolph

Don’t you just love headwraps? Also known as head scarfs, they can simply tuck your hair away and serve a colorful look. And if somebody at your job has something to say, head scarfs are potent with history. Slave masters used headwraps as a symbol to belittle slaves. They would sometimes shave the heads of black women because they didn’t want their hair to get attention. Head scarfs, which were considered “negro scarfs”, were an alternative to hide black women’s hair and dilute their blackness. Years later, it is reclaimed into a popular style that connects black women to their African roots. It also is perfect for a lazy natural who has things to do, but her hair ain’t one of them (especially during Covid). Let’s get into some ways you can style your headwrap.

The Unicorn

I like to call this one The Unicorn because it sits beautifully on our heads like a unicorn horn. This is a style that you want your hair to be flat for. You can braid your hair down or do a flat twist out. Once your hair is laid down, wrap your scarf around your head so the two ends are at the front of your head. Twist these ends so they are secure on your head. You don’t want your headwrap to fall off like a wig. Once it’s secure, twist one end of the wrap and wrap it around itself until it looks like a knot. Use those hair bun skills sis! Twist and wrap the other end around the first knot in the opposite direction. Swoop your edges to take this style to the next level. 

The T-Shirt

This one is called The T-shirt because you’re probably going to need a t-shirt to wear it. If you’ve ever seen Erykah Badu’s classic headwrap, this style will embody it. Erykah accomplished her style by wrapping her headwrap around her dreads. For those without dreads, you’ll be using a t-shirt for that extra volume. Get a t-shirt of your choice, the bigger the t-shirt, the taller your style will be. Ball up the t-shirt and sit it on top of your head. Start wrapping the scarf around your head as if your t-shirt was actually a part of your head. When you have the remaining ends, wrap them around the front of your head and tuck the ends in the back. This special style will not only make you feel royal but make you want to burn some sage.

The “Girl I’m Running Late”

This is for my naturals who don’t have the time for t-shirts and constant wrapping, You’re in a rush and your hair is in a twist out that no one needs to see. This style is quick, easy, and cute. Take your head scarf and wrap it around your head but instead of wrapping from the back, wrap from the front. Make sure the scarf looks neat on your forehead. When wrapping the hair to the back, twist the two ends of the scarf so it’s secure. Take one end and fold it so it can wrap neatly on your head. After wrapping, tuck it away in the back. Do the same to the other end. You should have a headwrap style that brings out your beautiful face and gets you out the house so you can be on time.

Headwraps are such a staple in black culture. It’s something all naturals should master. There are so many patterns and options of styling. They are machine washable which means they can last you lifetimes. They’re also affordable and give you an opportunity to support black owned businesses. Head scarfs are something that black people have reworked to take pride in their beauty and blackness. So wear that headwrap sis!