#HypeChat: The DreamGirls Are Taking Over The Natural Hair World

HH: What separates the collection from other hair care collections on the market?

TONYA & SHARIE: What separates our collection from other hair care collections is that we took our time to make our Healthy Hair Care System and overall brand about teaching our customers that it is not JUST about seeing the hair growth. We give a series of instructions and steps they need to take to not only grow their hair, but to KEEP that growth and maintain the health of their hair long-term! Each product in the kit has transformative properties for the hair issue it was created to address. Our products have been used and tested with thousands of proven results in our salons, and we made our Healthy Hair Kits available for purchase so that EVERYONE can take our effective hair care knowledge home with them.

HH: What hair care tips would you share with anyone looking to boost hair growth?

TONYA & SHARIE: We highly recommend wearing some type of protective style to give your hair a break from everyday wear and tear. We also recommend using our TLC Comb-Out Treatment to prevent breakage, excess shedding and hair loss when combing out your natural hair, in addition to our True Essence Oil, formulated to stimulate hair follicles and promote growth in thinning areas.

HH: What’s next for the DreamGirls brand?

TONYA & SHARIE: We are always looking to expand our products based on feedback from our customers, and we are working on a curly-care product line specifically for our curlhaired customers.

HH: Will there be any celeb collaborations in the future?

TONYA & SHARIE: We have no celeb collaborations planned at the moment, but we would love to chat with other like-minded celebs that are as passionate about hair as we are to help share our message and goal to spread proper healthy hair care education for growth and maintenance!

To learn more about DreamGirls, visit dghair.com

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