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The Secret Behind a Laid Lace Front

Chic Bond System
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Whether you wear a lace-front wig for fun, to protect your natural hair, or just to become a different person, keep it in place by using the Chic Bond ™ System by Salon Pro 30 Sec®. This system was created for those who desire to make their lace-front edges lay flushed with their hairline making the perfect classy lace-front look natural. 

For over 25 years, Salon Pro 30 Sec® has been the leader and trend setter of hair glue. Our mission is to be the #1 glue producer that will provide the perfect hold with amazing drying speed. We know that in the world of wigs and weaves, wearers that want to stunt proudly in their hair creation knowing that it is secured onto their heads. And when the time comes to switch up the style or have a “Wash Day,” they want to safely become unglued and remove the attachment. 

Salon Pro 30 Sec® is excited to introduce to you Chic Bond ™ Invisible Hold Lace Wig Bonding System, which is designed to provide easy application, dries quickly, and clear. Superb hold with just one coat! Not to mention a conditioning remover safe to use. The key ingredients are: 

  • Bamboo Extract-plant extract promotes smooth skin and helps with elasticity. 
  • Horsetail-plant extract and natural anti-oxidant
  • Vitamin E-for soft and supple skin
  • Aloe Vera-moisturizing
  • Argan Oil-moisturizing

Get ready to whip that hair around!

Chic Bond™ Extreme Invisible Hold Lace Wig Bond: Specifically for Oily Skin & Scalp. Blend of Bamboo Extract & Horsetail. Absorption of Oils & Moisture while protecting against High Humidity and High Temperatures.

Chic Bond™ Premium Invisible Hold Lace Wig Bond: Specifically for Sensitive Scalps. Designed for normal conditions with water-resistant technology. 

Chic Bond™ Lace Wig Bond Conditioning REmover: fast acting and thorough during the removal process.

Change your style as often as you like. Your hair is safe with Salon Pro 30 Seconds®.