Stage IV Cancer Survivor Discusses the Importance of Boundaries & Self-Care As An Entrepreneur

Lindsey Walker
Courtesy of Lindsey Walker

Persevering through the storms of life can serve as a true testament to the strength of a woman, and entrepreneur Lindsey Walker has a remarkable testimony. At the age of 27, the publicist-turned-author was dealt a devastating blow when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. While undergoing six months of chemotherapy, she continued to run a flourishing public relations firm. Now, two years later and cancer-free, Lindsey is on a mission to inspire other entrepreneurs by sharing her tools and tips on how to navigate the bustling life of an entrepreneur while also practicing self-care and setting boundaries.

Lindsey’s journey as a businesswoman began when she created the Walker + Associates Media Group fresh out of college. Through this boutique public relations company, she worked with over one hundred brands within the beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle spaces. She wrote about her journey as an entrepreneur and cancer survivor in her book Thriving Through The Storm, and the experience of writing it proved to be both healing and therapeutic for the Jackson State University alum. With the book, Lindsey’s goal was to help guide a conversation for women struggling through personal battles but who can’t see a way out of them. “I wanted to encourage them and let them know that we are not defined by our circumstances, but by how we choose to handle them,” Lindsey says. 

Creating a work-life balance is an area where many entrepreneurs struggle, but the practice of self-care is something that Lindsey believes is important to prevent burnout as you cultivate a thriving business. After her battle with cancer, Lindsey began to savor the simple things in life by implementing a little more “me-time,” and it’s something she does not take lightly these days. “Self-care is now non-negotiable,” she emphasizes. In fact, she weaves it into her daily life by doing things like taking short breaks, journaling, going for walks, praying, and eating healthy meals.

Lindsey Walker
Courtesy of Lindsey Walker

“As entrepreneurs, we must remember that we matter. So many of us put our clients and our work first, and we don’t have time for anything else. Figure out what you like and then create space to do whatever it is as often as you need to. Make sure you are taking care of yourself first. Create your day based on what you need to be productive and successful.” 

Being a driven entrepreneur who wears many hats, Lindsey knows all too well how hectic life can become for business owners, which is why she believes that setting boundaries is also essential for maintaining healthy work relationships and all-around healthy guidelines for your business. 

“Boundaries are vital in business because you must know how you deserve to be treated and what you will and won’t allow within your business. Without boundaries, burnout is sure to come. To create [boundaries], take some time out to write down what you like about your business. Who do you like to serve? What do you enjoy doing? Then take a look at what you don’t like and where you need to improve on all levels,” shares Lindsay. 

Creating boundaries is one area of business that aspiring and established entrepreneurs can control. Then there are other times, however, when unforeseen circumstances beyond their control can catch them off guard. More recently, it came in the form of a global pandemic.

The emergence of Covid-19 has adversely affected thousands of business owners ever since states throughout the nation went on lockdown to curb the spread of the novel virus. As a result, entrepreneurs have searched for ways to navigate this new climate they’re in and adjust to a new normal. It’s left many worried about the future and wondering what steps to take next, but Lindsey offered some encouraging words on how to weather the storm. 

“Don’t be afraid to pivot,” she advises. “Now is the time to get creative. Think about the immediate needs of the people within your target audience. How can you best serve them?

Also, continue to put yourself out there. Let people know who you are, how you can help them, and where to reach you. We are living in a world that we never envisioned, and people are looking for answers. You must remember that you and your business is the solution.”

Lindsey will soon be providing some solutions of her own with her next business venture. She is currently preparing for the launch of the third installment of her “Position to Pivot Accelerator” program. In this 12-week course, the public relations expert will teach entrepreneurs and business owners her proven framework on getting more publicity that leads to more profits for their businesses. 

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to take part in the course, log onto for more information. You can also connect with Lindsey on Instagram @lindseyawalker.