3 Tips For Styling Toddler Tresses

Girl whispering to daughter
Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

Parents can experience some frustrations when trying to maintain their little one’s hair health. But, no worries!

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Ethnic hair specialist, parenting expert and Just For Me hairstylist, Adrienne Leak has got you covered! After 20 years in the game, she’s giving us the rundown on what products work best and tips on how to avoid damaging your toddler’s delicate hair.

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While studying fashion marketing at The Art Institute of Charlotte, Candace landed her first job as a beauty consultant for Ulta Beauty. There, she earned her informal education in hair and beauty. Now, she is the advertising manager for the multicultural beauty trade publication, OTC Beauty Magazine. She loves to share tips and help fellow beauty lovers stay on top of the current hair and beauty trends.