Hype Chat: I Heart Hair Inc. Owners Talk Making Your Extensions Last For The Summer

Hype Hair: What are few of the things that women should keep in mind when choosing extensions for the summer?

Latoya: What women should focus on is finding a workable company that has a variety of textures and offers for them. As far as summer looks, they should focus on what they want to achieve this summer. They should be looking for low maintenance styles. Short looks are always good for the summertime because you can just get up and go.

HH: Do you have any suggestive styles for women who’ve never had extensions before but want to try them this summer?

Alexis: If this is your first time wearing extensions, try to find something that you’re comfortable with, that’s easy to wear. Typically, if you’re going from wearing your hair straight a majority of the time to wanting to wear really big curls, it can be a big adjustment for people. I always tell people to ease themselves into something they’re comfortable with and then try to experiment with new styles and textures outside of what you’d normally wear.

HH: Are there any alternatives to applying heat to your hair to get a good style?

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