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Skip Your Wash Day With Ease With This New Collection

Mixed Chicks Hair Four Days
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Wash days can easily become a full-day chore. From spending time pre-pooing, cleansing with shampoo and conditioner, getting hydration from a hair mask and other hair care products, your strands can almost feel like a job. And while there is no argument that says you shouldn’t take the time to give your tresses the TLC that they need, it doesn’t mean that you should miss out on a full day. That’s why we are completely smitten with the Mixed Chicks Hair Four DayS Collection.

Designed with all textures in mind, the Mixed Chicks mission is pretty simple. The brand has set out to create products that cater to a blend of colors, shapes and sizes for optimum results. This is what the Hair For Days Collection brings to the table.

The collection boasts four products that provide you with fresh, vibrant, CLEAN looking and smelling hair for days—hence the name Hair Four Days. These products amplify texture, absorb excess oils, block odors, moisturize and help provide a fuller look and feel for your hair! Now you don’t have to feel guilty about skipping wash days.

The dry shampoo works wonders to clean your hair in an instant. It boasts a lightweight formula that provides a fresh appearance and smell, absorbs excess oils and volumizes the roots. It also works to extend the life of your blowout without any white residue left behind.

For days when frizz has taken over your mane, the calming cream can restore your strands to its former glory. Not only does this cream smell great, but it also helps to smooth overnight hair and frizz, add shine and conditions your hair for a hydrated feel.

You can also count on this collection to provide your tresses with some lifting action, thanks to the foamy volumizer. Whether you’re working with second-day, third-day or fourth-day hair, this product boosts curls and waves for a full look.

We also love that there is a hair perfume that rounds out the collection. The spray blocks out odors and provides your strands with all-around freshness. So, this is definitely something that should be kept in your purse on gym days and beyond.

As you can see, Hair Four Days  has something for everyone. And if you’re ready to take back your time on wash days, this line will make it all simple.