Anais Lee Shares Tips On Growing Longer, Healthier Hair

Anais Lee
Photo Credit: Sarvey T. Rector

HYPE HAIR: You recently started a healthy hair journey, and you’re experiencing lots of growth. What made you decide to start taking better care of your hair?

ANAIS: Last year, my identical twin sister, Mirabelle, started watching curly hair videos on YouTube and Instagram, so I decided to start watching them too! From watching those videos, I realized I had my hair care routine all wrong! I started deep conditioning my hair, adding gel, and cut out ingredients like silicones, sulfates, and parabens. After I did all of this, my hair had a lot of shrinkage because I didn’t have any of the bad ingredients in my hair anymore, and I added gel to my curls to define them. My hair was finally healthy because health over length any day! After a few months, my hair started to get back to its normal length, and now it’s longer than ever! 

HH: Can you share your top five favorite tips for growing longer, healthier hair?

ANAIS: The first hair growth tip I have is every wash day, I do a rice water treatment, where I apply rice water all over my hair and scalp. I let it sit for 30 minutes. Rice water helps grow your hair so much, and it’s just really healthy for your hair, as well! Another thing I do to help grow my hair is I apply growth oils. When I refresh my hair every day, I apply a mixture of Doo Gro Oil and Coconut Oil to my hair after the leave-in conditioner. This makes my hair grow longer, locks in moisture, gives shine to my hair, and reduces frizz! The third tip I have for hair growth is to deep condition once a week. The healthier your hair is, the longer and faster it will grow! The fourth tip I have is to use products in your hair that promote growth! It can be your shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, leave-in or even gel!  

The final hair growth tip is to trim off your dead ends every few months. Your hair can’t grow as fast with dead-ends. I used to trim my hair every time I got it straightened, which was once or twice a year, but I realized that I needed to do it more often if I wanted my hair to grow. Now, I try to trim my hair every few months or just when I see a lot of dead ends. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been difficult to keep this up, but I can’t wait until I get back into the hair salon!

HH: Now that you have noticed a lot of new growth due to your hair care routine, how do you maintain your longer length?

ANAIS: I make sure to detangle my hair often. You don’t want your hair tangled because if it gets too knotted, you might be forced to cut it off! With longer hair, detangling can be hard, but if you do it regularly, every time you detangle your hair, it won’t be such a hassle!

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