Dr. Maclin On Hair Growth

Dr. MaclinDermatologist Dr. Maclin shares her advice on hair growth…

Q. “I just love your hair advice in the HYPE HAIR magazine and hearing you on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Now maybe you can help me grow my hair longer because I feel like it is at a stand still for years now and I never get my haircut. I have been using lots of hair growth creams and take hair vitamins but nothing is making my hair grow any longer. What is going on? Help me Dr. Maclin!”

A. Thanks for great question as many women have this concern. One of the main reasons that you may feel that your hair is at stand still is that it may be breaking off as fast as it is growing. Even though hair grows everyday, the wear and tear of daily combing/brushing, heat from blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons and chemical relaxers can weaken your hair strands causing them to break. So definitely be careful to your hair especially on chemically processed hair.

Also it is critical to get your ends trimmed at least every 1-2 months. I know that you may be afraid to cut your hair but your ends are the oldest part of your hair strand and are the most likely to be damaged. So if your ends are starting to split and dont get trimmed, your hair can simply break off even higher up your hair strand.

Unfortunately the topical hair growth creams, lotions and potions can not get deep enough into your scalp to hair roots. This is why you must take something by mouth. After now over 10 years of research, the key marine proteins and collagen in BellaNutri supplement will help to stimulate your hair roots for faster, longer hair growth even in thin or bald areas. Please be patient as it can take up to 6 months for all of your thousands of hair roots to get back on track.

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