Mayvenn Hair Has Launched Wig & Reinstall Installation Services

Mayvenn Lace Front wig
Photo courtesy Mayvenn

There is absolutely nothing worse than discovering that your wig or bundles have run their course. And if you’ve tried to give your hair the pick-me-up that it needs to no avail, it;s easy to spend all of your coins on replacements. So, when we found out that hair giant Mayven Hair launched their re-install installation services, we had to find out all of the details.

Yes, you read that correctly. Just a few weeks after the debut of their Custom Wig service, the brand has leveled up with their installation services. The tea is that customers can purchase one of four re-install services or choose the wig maintenance option to boost the longevity of their hair. The goal is to make it easy for clients to maintain their extensions and wigs. And this is a smart way to bring that mission to life.

While other services require that you purchase Maven hair before you book, it’s not necessary with reinstallation or maintenance. All you have to do is select the stylist of your choice and the desired service. Here are all the details on each service you can choose from.

Closure Reinstall. Simply use the bundles you already have to score a mane slay. Priced at $100, your stylist will shampoo, condition, braid down, reinstall and add basic styling for a fresh look. You can also add on a trim or deep condition for your natural hair if you like.

Frontal Reinstall. Frontals tend to only last a short amount of time before you need to replace them. Simply bring in a freshly washed frontal so your stylist can refresh your look. It also includes a shampoo, condition, braid down, and basic styling for only $135.

360 Frontal Reinstall. 360 frontals are versatile, but they require more maintenance to keep your look in shape. Book an appointment with your Mayvenn stylist so she can help you restore the look of your frontal with the price tag of $135. The basics are also included.

Leave out reinstall. Keep your look classic by using your bundles and rocking a small portion of your hair. Come to the appointment with clean bundles and you can ask your stylist to trim and deep condition your natural hair. As the other three services the basics are included for only $100.

Wig maintenance. There’s no better way to give your wig the oomph it needs than with the help of a stylist. This service allows your stylist to shampoo, condition, and style your wig. You’ll also get the luxury of tightening your tracks all for $40.

Mayvenn is committed to making their clients look and feel beautiful without having to spend a pretty coin. And with so many services to choose from, you’ll be able to keep your hair in order.

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