Young Entrepreneur Uses Global Pandemic to Start a Braiding Business

During this pandemic, there has been an influx of young entrepreneurs on the rise, making moves. Hairstylist, lash techs, skincare products, and more are popping up everywhere, and I am definitely here for it! I was so excited to feature this story of Ry’Miyah Pringle-Hamilton, a 14-year-old, straight-A student from Oakland, California who used her downtime wisely to start her own hair braiding business. She launched her endeavor at her mother’s salon called the Pretty B Lounge. It is so important to empower our youth and recognize their accomplishments, and I am honored to do so in this way. I was able to get an exclusive with Ry’Miyah on business, her future plans and more.

Box Braids by Ry'Miyah
Photos courtesy of Ry’Miyah

HYPE HAIR: How did you get your start in the hair industry?

RY’MIYAH: I got my start in the hair industry by watching other people braid on YouTube about a year and a half ago. They were interesting to me, and it seemed like it was fun. So, I started to practice on myself (traditional singles), and I enjoyed it. So, I started to do other styles, such as two feed-in braids, knotless singles, straight back cornrows, etc. Then people started to come and ask if I could do their hair, and I started to get better from there. 

HH: Did you have a mentor along the way? If so, what’s the best advice you have received? 

RY’MIYAH:  I didn’t really have a “mentor,” but I knew people that also braided hair, and they always told me to take my time and make everything as neat as possible and that parting is the main key to getting a beat style. 

HH: Tell our readers about the Pretty B Beauty Lounge. What services do you guys offer? 

RY’MIYAH: The Pretty B Lounge is a Black-owned business that was founded by my mother. There are four women, and sometimes myself, working to offer different services mostly for other women to get their hair done, such as lace frontals, traditional weaves, silk presses trims and braided hairstyles. There’s a nail tech who does full set acrylic nails, micro-blading, individual eyelash extensions and more things that come with a “beauty bar.”

HH: What are the four best protective hairstyles that women should be wearing? 

RY’MIYAH: The four best protective hairstyles that women should be wearing, in my opinion, are any type of singles (knotless or traditional), straight back cornrows, two feed-ins or lemonade braids.

Box Braids by Ry'Miyah
Photos courtesy of Ry’Miyah
Box Braids by Ry'Miyah
Photos courtesy of Ry’Miyah

HH: You are 14 years old and so talented at your craft. Where do you want to see yourself within the next year? 

RY’MIYAH: In the next year, I want to see myself perfecting new styles that I’ve never (done) or don’t know how to do right now. And, I also want to see myself collaborating with other hairstylists or businesses. 

HH: A lot of people read our outlet, so “shoot your shot.” If you could style anybody’s hair whose hair would you love to braid?

RY’MIYAH: Saweetie. 

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