Mielle Organics Introduces New #MoreThanAStrand Campaign

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Mielle Organics Launches More Than A Strand Global Campaign

Mielle Organics is not just one of the leading Black-owned hair and skin brands in the beauty biz, but it’s philanthropic, too. The popular brand is utilizing its success to assist those experiencing adversity due to the current global pandemic.

COVID-19 has affected many business owners, causing closures and many to lose their jobs. Fortunately, Mielle Organics has stepped up to the plate by introducing a new campaign called #MoreThanAStrand that will empower and educate women and young girls, while also creating wealth and business opportunities within their communities.

Monique Rodriguez, the Meille Organics CEO, expresses her hopes to encourage more women to strive for entrepreneurship. “Empowering women with the tools of education and entrepreneurship is at the core of Mielle Organics’ DNA,” she says in a company press release. “The goal of the #MoreThanAStrand campaign is to not only bridge the gap between women and young girls across the tri-continents of North America, the Caribbean and Africa through their hair but to empower those women to cultivate economic prosperity within their communities.”

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The beauty brand is set to invest $1 million to support Black-owned businesses worldwide, but it doesn’t stop there! Mielle Organics is also collaborating with Newark Business Hub Education and Rutgers University Office of Continuing Professional Education to give 60 full scholarships to women who apply.

Investing in our communities and creating a space to level up is just what the world needs. To learn more about #MoreThanAStrand, Mielle Organics, Newark Business Hub Education and Rutgers University Office of Continuing Professional Education, go to www.morethanastrand.com , www.mielleorganics.com , www.newarkbusinesshub.com and www.rutgers.edu/about.

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