COVER STORY: Celeb Hairstylist Kellon Deryck Is Hot & On the Rise

Hype Hair x Kellon Deryck
Photographer: Jasmine Hutcherson of JLavii Photography, @jlavii Creative Director: Corey Ivory, @thecultureexperience Wardrobe Stylist: Diandre Tristan, @diandretristan

When Missy Elliott’s album Iconology was released, the first thing we noticed was its eye-catching cover. It featured an epic shot of her name spelled out in cursive with her braids. What we at first thought was a masterful Photoshop hack turned out to be a very hair real unit designed and installed by famed celebrity hairstylist Kellon Deryck.

Thinking outside the box for his clientele is par for the course for the Atlanta-based stylist. Whether he’s flat ironing extra-long bundles for Megan Thee Stallion (like he did for her BET Awards performance) or crafting an amazing wig for one of his many clients, Kellon is always taking the hair game to the next level.

Before the star-studded clientele and flourishing career, Kellon got his start shampooing hair at the Charles Gregory Salon at 17. He admits he took the job because a girl he liked worked there, but quickly realized that styling hair could be lucrative.

“I didn’t know where it was going to take me,” he told Hype Hair, while on set for his cover shoot. “I just knew that I always had a knack for it.”

A “knack” may be an understatement. Even as a cosmetology student, he was booking clients and skipping class to travel for work. Now, Kellon is living his best life working with some of the biggest stars in entertainment.

That’s why we were thrilled for him to be the first male cover star of our new digital magazine. Hype Hair chatted with Kellon about his rise to success, star-studded clientele, and upcoming projects.

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