A Global Lace Shortage Is Here & Weave Prices Are Going Up

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Hold on to your lace fronts, y’all. Forget snatching wigs and start taking hella good care of the ones you’ve got. Hair distributors are reporting that lace production has stopped, and supplies are running out.

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“There is a lace shortage,” said Tim Starks, founder of Ellagant Hair and CMO of hair distributor Lyrical Hair, in a recent interview. While many of us thought all lace is simply made, Tim explained, that “like champagne[…] only comes from Champagne, France, Swiss lace comes from Switzerland. And, right now, the factories in Switzerland are sold out.”

The shortage also includes HD, transparent, and premium quality lace used for “lace front wigs, full lace wigs, frontals, and closures,” Tim said. He added that it would take about “nine months” to meet current demands. 

As if that wasn’t enough, he also said to expect an increase in weave prices. Tim said companies are looking at a 20 to 25 percent increase in wholesale prices. Your favorite vendors will also be increasing their retail prices. That means a bundle you have been buying for $100, may now run you $125-$150.

“Hair is a commodity,” said Tim. “Even though we are dealing with COVID, these are issues we were dealing with prior.” In fact, Tim first hinted at a hair shortage on an Instagram Live I had with Hype Hair back in April. Many weren’t trying to hear it, but, once again, he is saying to take note. “People are stocking up now,” he said. “They are buying it like toilet paper!”

So, what to do? If you are a frontal lover, make sure you treat your lace with extra care. Try to avoid over-manipulating and over gluing them. As far as extensions, expect to find it harder (or more expensive) to get the longer 20-inch and up lengths in the body wave and straight textures. You should not see much disruption if you are looking kinky straight textures.

If you are a vendor, hopefully, your distributor has already updated you on the price increase and shortage, and you have been stocking up. If not, prepare to be out of stock on some items. And, don’t sell what you don’t have on hand, as there will be “delays” or you may be sent “substitutions” that you don’t want.

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