#StylistSpotlight: Laura Belle Looks to Fashion For Her Hair Inspirations

Photo Credit: Xavier Dorsey

It’s not every day that you come across a talented hairstylist who can deliver a sleek pony adorned with pearls or a sharp lineup for a sexy date night with your hunny. Laura Belle is a master cosmetologist and barber in Atlanta that is sure to exceed your expectations with whatever style and mood you are feeling that day. 

Check out my interview below with Laura on where she draws her inspiration for looks to her at-home hair care tips. 

HYPE HAIR: What’s your background to how you got to where you are?

Photo Credit – Xavier Dorsey

LAURA: I’m originally from Riverdale, Georgia, but grew up in rural Villa Rica, Georgia. I found my passion for hair later in life while attending Albany State University, where I realized I was truly a natural creative. After tapping into my creative side, I attended Atlanta Tech, where I received both my Master Cosmetology and Master Barber certifications. I have worked several events for New York Fashion Week with brands like Society Fashion Week, as well as Walk Fashion Show. I am currently the Director of Hair for Atlanta’s own TUC Fashion Week. I specialize in natural hair care, extensions, editorial and high-fashion hairstyling, and men’s grooming. I am a stylist at Shu & Co. and Barber at The Yizclusive Experience

HH: What drew you to the hair industry?

LAURA: Giving confidence back to my community really drew me to the hair industry. I always aspired to help people, what better way than to help someone feel more confident by their appearance. For my clients, it’s never just a hair appointment. For some, it’s more like a therapy session, self-care day or a networking event.

HH: Where do you draw your inspiration?

LAURA: A lot of my inspiration is drawn from fashion, nature and art.

HH: What is your signature look?

LAURA: Most of my looks are more high fashion, editorial looks! I love avant-garde, anything that breaks the normal everyday look.

Photo Credit: Xavier Dorsey

HH: If there was one look that you can recreate, what would it be?

LAURA: If there were one look I could recreate, it would be the Junya Watanabe Show from the Spring Paris Fashion Week 2018 show . . . My goal is to be a respected African American, internationally-known Master Barber/Hairstylist for high fashion, editorial, commercial and film.

HH: What are some tips you can give for readers at home caring for their hair in quarantine?

LAURA: I recommend using natural products that are free of any harsh chemicals. Aloe is a great natural moisturizer for not only your hair but your skin, as well.

When detangling coarse/curly hair, make sure to use a wet brush or a wide-tooth comb starting from the ends of your hair working towards your roots.

Men experiencing hair or razor bumps, use a non-harsh cleanser on the infected area with warm water. Use a cotton round and dry the area completely. Take a Q-tip and pour a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil on the bump(s) twice a day.

When cutting your own hair, make sure to start with a higher guard and work your way down to avoid cutting too much hair. Using guidelines and facial reference points will help you achieve the look you are going for.