Travel Smart With These Black-Owned Products

Girl posing on vacation
Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

We all love the experience of traveling to our favorite vacation spots, but nothing can be more frustrating than running out of essential care products while trying to enjoy a trip. 

In many countries abroad and even in some towns across the United States, finding hair products that meet the specific needs of Black and multicultural women can sometimes prove to be a futile effort. BlackTravelBox®, a personal care company founded by entrepreneur Orion Brown, was created to meet these needs and it is the perfect travel companion for women on the go. 

The BlackTravelBox® helps take the stress out of having to search high and low for products that meet your unique beauty demands. Whether you’re grappling with frizzy hair in a tropical climate or need a shampoo for a quick wash ‘n go, Black Travel Box provides the personal care essentials you need, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation worry-free. 

We had the pleasure of having a chat with Orion about BlackTravelBox® to dish about the launch of the company, the products it features, and how she is helping to keep travelers safe during the COVID 19 pandemic.

HYPE HAIR: What sparked the idea for you to create Black Travel Box?

ORION: I originally started BlackTravelBox® as a passion project. As an avid traveler and a Black woman, I found myself frustrated with the lack of hair and skin care options in the ‘travel’ aisle. So I started BlackTravelBox® to give women of color a brand they could trust for their travel personal care needs.

HH: How did you launch the company?

ORION: We made more of a drip than a splash when we came on the scene in 2018 with our website and a dream. I started by reaching out to the Black travel community on Instagram and Facebook. We sent samples and interviewed dozens of avid travelers. Our launch was more of a test to see if we really resonated with the Black travel community. Now, after almost two years, hundreds of messages, reviews, DMs, and emails later, we know we do. 

HH: Can you tell us about the products featured in Black Travel Box?

ORION: BlackTravelBox® hair and skincare products are made for life on the go. We feature travel-friendly packaging and formulations that make packing, carrying (on), and using them simple and easy. We have a Starter Box that’s great for sampling our line. It includes our Hair Balm, Body Balm, Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, and Butter Mint Lip Balm. 

Black Travel Box Lip Balm
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Black Travel Box Hair Balm
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HH: What makes the hair products a perfect fit for a variety of hairstyles? 

ORION: Our Hair Balm is made with shine-enhancing jojoba, argan, and coconut oils. It seals and nourishes while making coarse hair soft and more manageable. Use it to fight scalp itch with braids and locs or apply throughout to fight frizzy buns and wash ‘n go styles. Our sulfate-free hydrating shampoo bars gently yet thoroughly cleanse your hair, enhancing shine, softness, and strength. And our Conditioner Bars deep conditions and also doubles as a leave-in to fight frizz and lightly define texture. So relaxed or natural, whether you’re deep cleansing your scalp after protective styling or maintaining a wash and go lifestyle – we’ve got you covered.

HH: You’ve also recently added some new additions to the collection. Can you tell us a little about those?

ORION: In addition to our hair and skin care products, we’ve recently launched a line of travel masks made with performance fabric to help prevent the spread of germs while on the go. We’re also excited to launch our Staycation™ Collection with a line of candles, designed to capture the beauty and wonder of travel in a truly lit at home experience. While we normally encourage our fans to #travelincolor, while COVID continues to be a concern, we want them to #stayhomeincolortoo.

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