Mayvenn’s #SaveTheSalon Campaign Delivers $1.25 Million in COVID-19 Relief

Mayvenn Stylist  Alyson McKnight
With help from Mayvenn’s Save the Salon Campaign, stylist Alyson McKnight has tentatively reopened her services, taking all proper precautions to ensure her safety and the safety of her clientele.

The United States government may not know how it’s going to provide relief to those in need, but Mayvenn Black beauty professionals have got you covered!

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many businesses to shut down, causing hairstylists all over the country to have some serious financial struggles. Mayveen’s CEO, Diishan Imira saw that many could not depend on the government’s minimal efforts to support these black entrepreneurs further. In efforts to assist those in need, Diishan took matters in his own hands by launching a campaign called #SavetheSalon. Along with Diishan’s community and prominent donors like Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and Serena Williams, the company was able to raise 1.25 million and donate to 2,500 hairstylists.

Mayvenn CEO Diishan Imira
Mayvenn CEO and Hampton University Alum Diishan Imira

Donations made to the campaign allowed Mayvenn to provide $500 relief checks through an Insta-pay system that would go straight to bank accounts of stylists, who were having trouble receiving state and federal aid. The company was also able to donate masks and gloves to salons to reduce costs once salons were able to reopen.

To this day, Mayveen continues to assist those in need by paying over $25 million to beauty workers and distributing their relief funds. As the company continues to grow its network, beauty professionals from all over the nation have created their own virtual community, with the help of the brand, to promote their services and display their talents.

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