Supreme Care For Natural Hair

Supreme Natural Hair Care
Effortless, boundless, endless natural beauty! Less just might be more if you’re talking about boundless natural beauty like our featured model. Creativity is the ultimate indulgence this season. Get into it! It’s time to free your strands and the rest will follow. Create creativity with your hair! For some of us hair is just hair. Sure we go to the salon every two weeks or maybe once a month, but we rarely try anything amazing, phenomenal, and creative.

Now is the time to engage in something new. Truly a work of art, this style is best attempted by a professional. To prepare the hair for styling, begin by shampooing the hair with a fortifying shampoo. Next, be sure to rinse thoroughly and apply a moisturizing conditioner with natural moisturizing ingredients like shea butter. Be sure that the conditioner also includes protein and lipids and apply generously to the hair. Place a plastic cap over the hair, and sit under a hooded dryer for approximately 25 minutes for complete penetration. When finished rinse the hair. The hair should be soft, and thus easy to work with.