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Skip Wash Days With This Refreshing Leave-In Conditioner

Three women with curly hair
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Wash days can be dreadful, especially when you don’t have the time to carve out a full day to show your curls some love.  From the detangling, co-washing, and deep treatments, we can all agree that it takes quite some time to get your tresses in shape. However, you don’t necessarily need to stick to your wash regimen. With the right essentials, you can skip out on the cleansing without ending up without dull-looking curls. Thanks to the Mixed Chicks Hair Four Days Curl Refresher Leave-In Spray, you can make it happen.

Mixed Chicks has been a signature pick for many naturals.  Sticking to their motto,  “A blend of many,” the brand has stayed consistent over the years by creating products that cater to a wide variety of textures and people of various races.  And we love that they haven’t strayed from tradition.

The line HAIRFOURDAYS is full of products that work to amplify your natural texture, absorb excess oils, block odors, moisturizes and helps provide a fuller look and feel. And the leave-in spray is no exception. Perfect for second-day hair or for when you need to revive and refresh your locks, this leave-in helps to sculpt and define your curls for a freshly washed look.

Hair Four Days Curl Refresher
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TRY: Mixed Chicks Hair Four Days Curl Refresher Leave-In Spray, $15

While most products only cater to specific hair types, this leave-in is suitable for all.  We also love that this offering keeps your hair fresh, vibrant and clean-looking for days. So, if you choose to skip wash days, you can do so without compromising your tresses.

Whether you’re working a wash and go, a Flexi-rod set, or perm rods, this leave-in will step in and provide your strands with the moisturizing refresh that it needs.