5 Things Your Stylist Wants You to Know BEFORE You Come Back to the Salon

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Going to the salon these days can be tricky. Sure, we can all wear masks to protect ourselves, but there are even more precautions your stylist has to take to ensure everyone’s safety in the shop. That might mean that there are a few more inconveniences and adjustments to make. These changes may also affect the service you receive.

So if you haven’t ventured to see your stylist in recent months, but are considering a trip to the salon, there are a few things you should know.

Services and Supplies Will Be Limited

As stylists, we want to limit the potential exposure while attempting to accommodate the people coming into our place of business. Unfortunately, many of the products used in hair salons are manufactured overseas, and many of these companies are behind on production or have completely shut down. We’ll have to adjust our routine to accommodate this reality.

Stylists May Not Have the Same Availability

According to state regulations, there can only be a certain number of stylists and clients in the building at a time. This is to adhere to social distancing requirements. The same bustling salon you used to come to for an in and out service is now missing key components to being a well-oiled machine. So yes, getting squeezed into the schedule last minute may not be as feasible anymore. Plan ahead and book your appointment in advance.

We’re Just As Worried About Your Safety As We Are Our Own

We have families too, filled with children, adults and elderly that we don’t want to be exposed to Covid-19. As worried as you may be that we’ve come into contact with this disease and may spread it to you and your loved ones, we’re worried about the same thing. If you have been around someone with Covid-19 or have any symptoms, PLEASE STAY HOME.

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