Want to See Long-term Success in the Beauty Industry? Get a Mentor!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our definition of what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. Before the quarantine, we would probably measure our level of accomplishment by revenue and material possessions. Today, many are seeing that longevity is the only accurate measure of success. This is especially true in the cosmetology industry where mandated government shutdowns crippled the incomes of millions of hairstylists, nail technicians, barbers and others in this field.  So what does it take to have longevity in the cosmetology industry?

Ask Specidy Boone of Richmond, Virginia. With over 20 years of experience in this field, Boone, the owner of One Touch of Paradise Salon and Spa, has mastered seeing beyond the chair and into the business of beauty. Also known as “RVA Cutting Chic Pooh,” this award-winning beautician, coach and speaker credits much of her success to her faith. But there is another major ingredient to Boone’s success formula: mentorship.

“Mentorship has and is helping me to be successful because it helps me see my growth through helping others in the industry be successful in their businesses with growth and development skills,” says Boone. “I also credit my success in allowing God to use me and guide my path.”

As a consultant for beauty industry professionals, I often see the benefits of this type of guidance as well as the reluctance hairstylists, barbers and others have in seeking mentorship in this competitive field. However, anyone who is serious about having a successful business, especially after the COVID-19 quarantine, must move forward with a mentor. 

Here are a few reasons why mentorship can catapult your career.

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Demetra Moore is owner of Moore Out of Life, Inc., a performance business coach, and an author with a passion for helping others. Over the last 20 years, Moore has assisted students, entrepreneurs and professionals in reaching their greatest potential. Today, Moore is turning her passion for professional development and the beauty industry to help cosmetologists, barbers and other beauty industry entrepreneurs meet their goals through her “Seeing Beyond the Chair: The Business of Beauty” platform.