Struggling With Combination Skin? These Beauty Buys Are A Must!

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Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

Ever look at those women with effortlessly blemish-free complexions and wonder what secret they are hiding? If you answered a resounding, “Yes,” you understand the perils of searching high and low for the perfect skin products. Add having combination skin, and now you’ve just joined an elite Olympic sport. 

What is a combination of skin?

Combination skin means some parts of your face overproduce oil, while other parts dry out quickly. You might use blotters to control a shiny T-Zone (the area of your face that includes your nose and forehead), while you dab moisturizer on your chin or cheeks to deal with flakiness and irritation. This skin type may also fluctuate between seasons and environment changes. 

Challenges with combination skin

Trying out skincare products can be deceivingly tricky—the wrong moisturizer can cause breakouts and clogged pores, while some clarifying products and acne treatments can dehydrate the rest of your face. Having to purchase two different sets of products to deal with your combo skin may seem like your only solution, but instead, finding products with natural ingredients with the perfect balance for combo skin is the alternative.

If this sounds like your struggle, Hype Hair has rounded up some top beauty products to moisturize and soothe your combination skin.

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