Founder of ‘Daddy Does Hair’ Hopes to Inspire Girl Dads

Mike and Asia Worthington
Photo Credit: @[email protected]

HH: How do you prep Asia’s hair for styling?

MICHAEL: I prep it by washing and conditioning sometimes, or simply setting it with moisturizer. It depends on the day and style. 

HH: What are some of your favorite ways to style Asia’s hair, and can you share some tips on how to achieve them?

MICHAEL: I love to style her hair in up-do styles. The best way to achieve the best up-do is by using a great edge control. 

HH: What is your advice for dads who are struggling with learning how to do their daughter’s hair?

MICHAEL: Start off with what you are comfortable with, and get creative when you feel comfortable enough to do so. 

HH: Tell us about the “Daddy Does Hair” tour and what inspired you to put it together?

MICHAEL: We were supposed to go on tour this summer, but due to COVID-19 we had to postpone until Summer 2021.  I will be doing a live hair tutorial, where parents will participate. There will be a fashion show for the girls to model their parent-made hairstyles, and we will have a career convention featuring successful women in business; so the girls can get an idea about the many careers they can explore when they get older. We are instilling self-esteem in our girl’s one hairstyle at a time. Please email [email protected] for any interest in sponsorship opportunities. 

HH: What are some of your special plans for this coming Father’s Day?

MICHAEL: I will be spending time as a father and celebrating my dad as well. He has been an amazing example for me. 

HH: What’s next in the works for you?

MICHAEL: I will be releasing my own line of products soon, so right now I’m experimenting with different samples. I will also be releasing information on the brother brand “Daddy Does,” which is a brand that celebrates fathers that are active in their child’s lives 365, not just on Father’s Day. I feel like fathers should get as much light as mothers do because our roles are just as prominent.

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