Founder of ‘Daddy Does Hair’ Hopes to Inspire Girl Dads

Mike and Asia Worthington
Photo Credit: @julianestaban

The bond between father and daughter is so precious. Michael Worthington and his daughter Asia consistently highlight the beauty of their special bond through hairstyling.  This dynamic duo became an Internet sensation in 2014 after an adorable video of Michael doing Asia’s hair went viral. The video served as a reminder of how simple moments between fathers and daughters can create treasured memories that last a lifetime. “I wasn’t expecting it to go viral. I’m just a father that just so happens to do his daughter’s hair,” says Michael. Today, he has over a million social media followers who love the beautiful hairstyles he creates for his daughter.  

Doing Asia’s hair is a labor of love for Michael, who was a single co-parenting father when he first learned how to style her hair. Through trial and error, he slowly got the hang of it, and with a little help from YouTube tutorials, he became a master stylist crafting beautiful hair looks for his daughter. Michael has since become a huge inspiration for other girl dads who are navigating the difficult terrain of learning how to do their daughter’s hair. As a result, Michael created the “Daddy Does Hair” brand to help fathers with their journey.

With “Daddy Does Hair,” Michael shares trendy, age appropriate hairstyles for young girls and helps provide a space for parents and kids to cultivate their bond with one another through hairstyling. The brand has now partnered with iHeart Media for an 8-city “Daddy Does Hair” tour, which is slated for next year.

Hype Hair recently caught up with Michael for a chat about fatherhood, hair tips for dads, his plans for Father’s Day and much more!

HYPE HAIR: When it comes to parenting, what are your main goals as a father?

MICHAEL: Making sure she knows how she should be treated, making sure she knows her value, and instilling self-esteem and confidence.

HH: How has fatherhood changed you?

MICHAEL: Fatherhood has given me the opportunity to build a bond like no other. It has molded me into the man I am today. 

HH: How has doing your daughter’s hair strengthened the bond you two share? 

MICHAEL: Asia looks forward to me doing new styles on her. We both consider me doing her hair apart of our bonding time. A lot of conversations are sparked during those moments.

HH: How do you balance fatherhood with work and being an influencer and artist?

MICHAEL: Asia is with me every other full week, and it’s been that way since she was very small. We are on a routine and have been for so long, [that] the balancing is very easy.

HH: When you reflect back on that viral video, why do you think so many people were moved by it?

MICHAEL: I think people were so touched by it because it was so out of the normal for a father to be doing his daughter’s hair. It’s usually looked at as the woman’s job, but I enjoy it too.

HH: What were some of the challenges you faced when you first started learning how to do your daughter’s hair, and what was the breakthrough for you?

MICHAEL: I haven’t really had any issues. I started off with real simple styles, and progressed with every hairstyle challenging myself.  I learned a lot of cool hairstyles from YouTube, and even remixed some of the styles. My breakthrough was me realizing that I could complete straight parts.

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