CURLS Is Launching A Distribution Network For Black-Owned Beauty Supply Stores

Mahisha Dellinger
Photo courtesy CURLS

CURLS founder and CEO Mahisha Dellinger announced a new project to support Black-owned beauty supply stores.   

The “United We Stand: Strategic Alliance With Black-Owned Beauty Supply Stores” will provide Black owners access to a distributor partnership so they can stock their shelves and stay in business. 

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Mahisha says she was inspired to create the program after receiving requests from Black store owners for CURLS to give similar marketing pushes to them that she does major retailers when they hit shelves.

“The reason why do this is not that we prefer Target over supporting our own,” she tells Hype Hair. “We have sales goals we have to make to keep our shelf space.”

But, instead of just committing marketing support, she decided to build a new platform to address a longstanding issue Black-owned beauty supply stores face: distribution. 

Through Mahisha’s alliance, Black store owners will receive access to major hair and beauty brands, including CURLS, with no to lower purchase minimums, and have more time to pay off their invoices. Participating businesses will also get a free one-on-one consultation with Mahisha. 

Mahisha says CURLS will also provide the much-needed marketing boosts, inclusive of in-store events and posts on its website and social media platforms.

The program is set to launch in July. Click here to sign up and for more deets.

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