Tracee Ellis Ross Announces New Pattern Products to Be Revealed on Juneteenth

Embed from Getty Images

Look, we’ve been enduring some rough weeks lately, and there’s no doubt that we’ll turn up on a whole new level for Juneteenth. But Tracee Ellis Ross just gave us even more reason to be excited for this celebratory Black holiday.

The actress and creator of Pattern Beauty Curl Care announced on her Instagram that the company would resume plans to produce Phase 2 items for the brand. Pattern initially stopped operations to honor the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd during an incident of police brutality. However, the Black-ish star said that she realized that embracing Black beauty is just as important as fighting for Black lives.

“I’m reminded of the importance of being a Black-owned business, and why Pattern has been centered around the beauty of blackness from the start. I’m reminded of the importance of being an active space, where we can see ourselves in our humanity in our joy, in our glory, in our softness and our strength,” says Ross on her Instagram video.

“So our mission continues at Pattern, she continues. “We keep serving, supporting and loving our community. We keep honoring and celebrating and lifting us up, and phase 2 of Pattern does just that. It is what you guys have been asking for.”

Watch the entire video below.