COVER STORY: Pretty Vee Is The Jane of All

Pretty Vee Cover for Hype Hair
Photo by Sed Baliem

The multi-hyphenate star is nothing new these days. After all, everyone is adding on to their list of titles. Singer. Producer. Chef. You name it, and most stars claim to have an additional talent or two.

But Vena “Pretty Vee” Excell is doing it all, and it all started from the comforts of her home and her social media page. The comedian and social media influencer amassed a following of over 4 million followers, creating hilarious videos. Then there’s her work on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out as an established cast member. And don’t forget about her Citi Trends collaboration, where her electronic and beauty products are being sold. Oh, and did we mention she’s a rapper and beauty and fashion influencer, too?

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Yea, Vena is booked and busy. That’s why we’re glad to present her as our newest cover starlet. Hype Hair chatted with the star about her grind, her rise to Insta-fame and more.

HYPE HAIR: You’ve really grinded your way to the top, especially with the use of social media. What has that ascension been like for you?

VENA: The journey has been remarkable; sleepless nights and overthinking, and at times questioning my creativity, and also if what I’m doing will be fruitful and come true. I am more than grateful and appreciative for this opportunity.

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