Letter From the Editor: Special Announcement

Jessica De Vault Hale
Photo by Hannah Aryee

In light of what’s been going on in the world, things just aren’t the same. #QuarantineLife has forever changed how we interact with one another and how we get our news and content.

As the leading Black hair and beauty magazine, we knew that we had to shift gears, not just for us but for you, the readers. Business for usual, for us, was printing a monthly publication that you’d likely pick up in your local hair salon while waiting to get your hair done. We’ve done it this way for more than 27 years!

When COVID-19 hit, it helped us realize that we would need to adjust how we deliver our news to you. We want to give you the best interviews, the latest hair innovations, and the best giveaways, but we also wanted to make it easier for you to access our content.

So, rather than write this news out, I wanted to share it with you via video.

Press play to watch.