Black Folks Just Found Out Some Of Their Favorite Haircare Brands Aren’t Black-Owned

Shocked Black Woman
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

In light of all of the protests and campaigns occurring in the name of Black Lives Matter and social justice, it’s no surprise that the public wants to show its support by buying products from Black-owned businesses. However, with hair care, few knew just how many of their favorite brands weren’t 100% owned by Black people.

Many companies may have been founded by Black people but were later sold to bigger corporations that aren’t run by African Americans.

An Instagram post by @beautybosslab revealed which brands were Black-owned and which ones weren’t. Among that list were brands like African Pride, Carol’s Daughter and SheaMoisture.

The list went viral so quickly that the same Instagram account posted a second and third list that offered a more comprehensive directory of Black-owned and non-Black owned hair companies.

Needless to say, the Internets were in shock.

Many couldn’t process the news.

Leaving many to wonder if they should continue to support their favorite brands.

Among this list were brands like The Mane Choice Hair Solution that released a statement on their Instagram page acknowledging that the company is not Black-owned – MAV Beauty Brands own it. But, the brand is “a celebration of Black-Girl Magic” and is ran by a “team of black women & men that are creators, storytellers, and listeners to the consumer to continue to build a brand reflective of YOU,” the posts says.

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A message to our community: . Thank you for your honest feedback. Recently we have noticed some media outlets & bloggers label our brand as 100% black owned. In full transparency, our amazing brand was founded by a phenomenal woman and is still currently being operated by a team of talented black women and men, but we want to make it clear that we are part of a public company, MAV Beauty Brands. . MAV Beauty Brands is a global personal care company dedicated to providing consumers with premium quality, authentic and differentiated products. Partnering with MAV allows us to share resources & infrastructure, which helps us to grow & reach more of our community. . Our brand was built with a beauty, health, science approach and we will continue to deliver the same premium quality products, innovative ingredients, and empowering beliefs of the brand founder. We always have and will continue to uplift, inspire, and support our community. . We value our customers and never take for granted that you have chosen to support our brand & the incredible people who are a part of it. . Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate you. 💜

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Cantu Beauty released a statement of its own in response to the @pullupforchange #pulluporshutup challenge, revealing that while the company is not Black-owned either, 67% of its team is made up of Black people.

The quest to support Black-owned businesses, especially in hair care, is far from over. But, many are wishing that this sort of information was more widely known, so that they could make an educated decision.

Does it matter if your hair care products are Black-owned? Let us know in the comments!

Candace Smith contributed to this article.