Cover Story: Tamar Braxton & Johnny Wright Talk Turning Hair Fails Into Hair Redemptions

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Hair fails are an inevitable part of our hair journeys. We all have memories of hair horrors, ranging from burned-out bangs and bleachings gone wrong to relaxers that didn’t take or braids that were too tight. 

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But, we never expect that to happen in the hands of a stylist. That’s why we research them, ask family and friends for recommendations, and hold on for dear life when we finally find “the one.” 

So what happens when the one you’ve trusted your tresses with fails you? Well, if you leave it up to Tamar Braxton, you pull up on them with a whole show to get hair redemption. 

The singer, reality TV star and Grammy Award-winner teamed up with celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright for a spin on reality television to help clients whose hairdos were nothing but hair don’ts. Their show, To Catch A Beautician, is messy and full of hair drama, foolishness, and what-the-hair moments to satisfy every guilty viewing pleasure. I mean, seriously, what stylist really thought coloring and relaxing on the same day was a good look? (Note: Do NOT do that. Homegirl lost all of her edges.)

But, as we watch their stories unfold and see Tamar push through with a different cut, color or unit on each day of shooting, you might ask why do a show on hair fails? She says it was a no-brainer.

“I’m always the person that’s changing my hair — whether it’s amazing or not,” Tamar told Hype Hair ahead of the show’s premiere last month. “I’m always trying new things. I’ve always been into hair. Although I can’t do hair, that’s always kind of been my thing.”

But, she says, the show is “deeper” than getting a hair fix or getting even with a stylist. It’s also about clients dealing with the emotions that are tied to our hair.

“I think when they come to us, they are actually looking to get a hair hug,” she says. “They want to get past the emotion of brokenness, of sadness, of sorrow. The person that’s sitting there, telling us about their experience, it has affected everything about them in their lives. And they’re just looking for a chance to resolve, basically. That’s what we all want to do in all of our relationships — this is just with our hair.”

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