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"To Catch A Beautician Episode 3
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A whole new set of hair drama is going to be let loose tonight on To Catch A Beautician. The new VH1 show follows songstress Tamar Braxton and celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright as they help clients confront hairstylists whose hairdos became a hair don’t.

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Last week’s premiere had us questioning how some stylists even got their licenses and what fantasy world some clients are living in. And, this week’s back-to-back episodes are set to raise the bar even higher on hair foolishness, including a crochet gone wrong.

In the exclusive clip below, the hair victim shares how she found a hairstylist on Craigslist who promised her Beyoncé waves, but left her looking like a “broke-down Chaka Khan” with some raggedy hair. Ooh child… the shade!

Press play below to watch the clip and tune in to back-to-back episodes tonight at 9pm and 9:30pm EST on VH1 to see how the drama unfolds. Trust, wigs and weaves will be snatched!

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