Exclusive: Here’s The Real Reason Tamar Braxton Shaved Her Head In 2018

Tamar Braxton
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We are getting ready for some serious hair drama with R&B songstress and reality TV star Tamar Braxton. Her newest show To Catch A Beautician premieres tonight (May 25), and it is basically the ultimate hair sting. 

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“It’s all about hair,” Tamar tells Hype Hair. “It’s about somebody who jacked up your hair, and you get a chance to confront that person. And that person gets a chance to redeem themselves.”

Tamar’s partner-in-crime is our forever First Lady Michelle Obama’s former hairstylist Johnny Wright who helps the hairstylists right their wrongs. “A lot of us don’t ever get that opportunity,” says Tamar. “So, what better opportunity than to do it with [us]?”

But, before Tamar could even have a show about hair, she had to come to terms with her own tresses. The “Crazy Kind Of Love” singer has never been afraid to go there with her hair. “I’m always the person that’s changing my hair — whether it’s amazing or not,” she says. That includes everything from bobs and braids to blonde and down-to-there weaves. But, she made headlines back in 2018 after buzzing it all off.

Her then-pending divorce to former manager Vince Herbert was news fodder and she was ready for a change. However, she did not actually have any intentions to big chop. Instead, she was on her way to get a new birthday ‘do.

“The day I shaved my head, I didn’t plan it…but I felt that I had to shave my head. I needed to start over with something,” she says. “It was my birthday week and I recall making the appointment and being excited about going to my appointment to get my birthday weave.”

But, everything changed on the way to the salon. 

“The more I thought about it: ‘Oh, no, I’m not going to sit there and get a weave.’ I just can’t add anything else — not just to my hair, but to my life,” she says. “Adding a track to my hair was like adding another layer of an issue.”

So she shaved it off. “Shaving my hair, for me, was me letting go of a lot of things that I was holding on to. Me letting go of my hair was me letting go of my issues,” she later added, “which meant me working on my issues.”

Press play below to hear her break it down.

To Catch A Beautician with Tamar and Johnny airs Mondays on VH1. Tune in tonight (May 25) at 9pm EST to catch the season premiere.

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